We are a mobility intelligence network

We seek to help our founders successfully take on the greatest challenges cities face and help them build enduring, meaningful institutions; focusing on brave, smart teams and ideas that look to make a difference towards the future of cities. We provide more than just capital, strategic support and transportation intelligence to help them build their ventures faster, broader and more successful.


Investing in life-shaping companies

Liil works with early-stage companies focused on smart city and new mobility.

Mobility for us means the ability to seamlessly roam the city while always feeling connected and accounted for.


Reimagining cities through entrepreneurship

Our knowledge, capabilities and access to an experienced network of mobility leaders is unique and powerful. We use our network and resources to help our founders turn their world changing ideas into profitable companies.

We have a large fleet of vehicles, personnel and management services ready to help you jump-start your idea to rapid market validation and exponential growth.


Working together towards a shared vision

Cities weren't ready for the fast-paced change that technology has brought to our lives, we seek to maintain and improve quality of living in these densely populated settings and secure a better future for all their inhabitants.

Join our mission

Let’s partner to solve the future challenges of cities.